This is me

Hello! My name is Lily, and I would like to welcome you, personally, to my blog.

I decided to start a blog for three reasons. Firstly, because I love (and have always loved) to write. Whether it be stories about hidden jewels when I was ten, articles on recent events for my primary school’s newspaper, or essays on Macbeth, writing has carried me through my life so far and I believe it will continue to do so. Secondly, I wanted to do something different. I am writing this page at the ripe old age of sixteen, having finished GCSE’s, with a long summer ahead of me and the start of my adult (ish) life. I am changing my appearance: new glasses, new haircut, new clothes. Why not a new hobby? And hopefully my blog posts can help or entertain at least one person. The third reason is a childish need to be heard. I would love for people to want to listen to what I have to say (or, rather, read what I have to write), and, selfishly, I admit I would like to be recognised. Don’t get me wrong: I have a good little life with plenty of people that care for me. However, I often find myself in situations where I feel, almost, as if I could leave, and no one would notice. It isn’t true, I know that, and maybe all it says about me is that I’m an attention seeker (hence the name: Lily in the middle) but if just one person could read my blog, and tell me that they like my writing, not because they have to (being a family member or a friend, obliged to love even the absolute trash that I’m sure will come in the early stages), but because they genuinely enjoy reading it, I would be very happy.