Hi. I just wanted to let you guys know that it is totally okay to have bad days. To feel like you’re failing. To feel like there’s no hope in becoming the person you want to be, because the person you are doesn’t feel enough. One thing I am constantly trying to make better is my level of organisation. Everyone tells me that I’m so … Continue reading Normality

Camping essentials: my top 10 must-haves

Hello! I haven’t written on my blog for ages, but here we are: I’ve just been camping in the beautiful North Wales, and thought that I’d share some of my top things to bring with me when I go! We’ve camped a lot as a family in various places and weather conditions, so over the years I’ve built up an arsenal of packing essentials; a … Continue reading Camping essentials: my top 10 must-haves

“Imagine if everything died…except us.” (Part Two)

“Willow?” “What’s going on?” Willow and Marion touched foreheads for a moment, glad to have each other. “Get out.” A woman in a full white tracksuit yanked them both by the shoulders and pulled them out of the van. They fell onto the cold metal floor and looked up to a room full of glass and large white boxes. A bright artificial light was glowing … Continue reading “Imagine if everything died…except us.” (Part Two)

“Imagine if everything died…except us.”

Willow opened her eyes to the darkness. She sighed and stretched, then got out of bed and opened the door to the backyard. Rubbish scattered in the light breeze, but the air was hot and sticky and painful. The open door did nothing to the horrible heat of the house. Willow lit a candle and rummaged through the cupboards to find a vacuum-packed food parcel. … Continue reading “Imagine if everything died…except us.”


Hello readers! Today I wanted to talk about style. And by style I mean the clothes one wears, not how to achieve ultimate fashion sense and look amazing all the time, because I definitely can’t preach about that! But what I can say is that I really try, for the most part, to wear what I want to wear and not care about fitting in. … Continue reading Style